Can we be quiet together?

two-women-1246024_1280What do I mean by that? I would like a bigger accept of the situation where you are not talking all the time. Especially during situations where we meet at a restaurant, two friends or sisters e.g.

What is bothering me is that I think that some times is a big challenge to talk while I’m trying to swallow a sandwich where the filling rolls out? 🙂 It’s not easy and I can even forget to enjoy the food. I am thinking, is it my turn to talk now and can I put something in my mouth before I have to do the talking?

I have a very concrete example where I am having dinner with a friend eating at a vegetarian restaurant. The talk goes a little back and forth, and I can see that now she is just considering the situation and hurries filling her mouth with food. Hoping that my speech is long enough… And I do exactly the same thing myself.

Do you have these feelings as well? Or is it just me / us that are strange?…

I’m actually often annoyed about it. Not so much when being together with my sweet friends and sisters ♥ I am more annoyed over the unwritten rule that silence is not allowed. Because it has the effect on me that I am not relaxed in the situation. And to be relaxed in all such situations would be really nice 🙂

The only one I’ve ever heard talk about this is Jørgen Leth. Jørgen Leth is a Danish journalist, author, television and film man, lecturer, Tour de France commentator, poet with more. He says he usually eats his lunch alone because the food is his companion.

And in this regard I really follow Jørgen Leth. I want to enjoy the taste 100%, I want to enjoy the scent, nuances and colors. For the moment I can only do this  ‘the gentleman’. Because with ‘the gentleman’ I can be quiet.

Back to the unwritten rule. Why not accept silence with a friend? And if there is silence why not just enjoying it?

My former good male colleague commented on this post with these words: ‘It’s a women thing that silence is forbidden 🙂 Have heard that women interpret two silent people as enemies while men interpret it as two persons who chill. I think my former colleague hits the spot with these words.


And I will do my best in trying to change the unwritten rules, because I hate rules. Especially all the unwritten. Don’t you?

Now I actually have an agreement with a friend tonight. I don’t know if she has read my post, but I guess I will find out relatively quickly 😀

With these words, let’s be silent…







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