Pukka Christmas Calendar 14 December – tea & quote

Pukka Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey

Pukka-lemon-ginger-manuka-honeyIn Pukka’s words:

‘A moment of bliss – a hug of lemon, ginger & honey to keep your spirits warm. Let your heart burst into song’.

Almost singing, haha… 🙂

And by the way Manuka honey has crossed my ways a thousand times, but what is so special about it?

What is Manuka Honey

Manuka honey, produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush, is one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the world.

The honey is commonly sold as an alternative medicine.

While a component found in mānuka honey has antibacterial properties in vitro (in the glass), there is no conclusive evidence of medicinal or dietary value other than as a sweetener.

You can read more about Manuka Honey here.

Tasting Pukka Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey

This Pukka is a blend of ginger root (32%), licorice root, elderflower, fennel seed, lemon verbena leaf, turmeric root, lemon essential oil, lemon myrtle leaf, whole lemon (4%) and manuka honey flavour* (2%).

I think this blend is okay, not to lemony or gingery. But frankly I prefer 100 % ginger, such as Pukka’s ‘Three Ginger’ 😉

Not complaining at all as I am tasting a lot of Pukka’s teas through the Christmas Calendar, now knowing exactly which teas to buy in future 😉

Quote day 14

‘Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious’.

Quote by Rumi.

Rumi (1207 – 1273), also named ‘Mawlānā’, which means Our Master, is one of the Islamic world’s greatest poets.

He is usually known in the English-speaking world simply as Rumi.

He was a Sufi mystic, philosopher and lover of humanity.

More about Rumi here.

Wishing you a nice evening ♥

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