What do you offer unexpected guests? Along with a good movie


Both for guests, who don’t drink coffee and yourself, if you are in a rush?

Rarely I buy tea in the supermarket, but it happened today, because I was visiting a gigantic supermarket. So of course I had to look in their tea department. I was quite impressed. A whole wall filled with tea, one of which especially attracted my interest.

Numi, because the tea in most cases is both Fairtrade and organic.

Normally I do not buy the supermarket tea, but it is different with Numi teas. And I have tasted a few of their teas, and they are quite tasty ♥

Numi Organic Tea


If you don’t know the tea brand Numi start with Numi’s Collection, containing all nine different teabags.. I promise you will not regret it. It’s probably something close to the best tea bags you can ever buy.

Numi’s Collection offers three kinds of green tea, two black teas, a pu-erh tea, one white tea and two herbal teas, including one with turmeric.

In Numi’s Collection is also my missing Pu-erh Tea with chocolate. Haven’t been able to find it lately. As the ‘Gentleman’ also loves. Despite the fact that he is a ‘mean’ coffee drinker 😉

The mixture of Pu-erh tea and cocoa is really good. It is mixed with some vanilla, cinnamon, orange, muskat and rooibos. Uhm …

For those delicious teas you can, for example, enjoy the movie ‘Closer’.

Great movie in my eyes.

Watch the movie Closer, if you are into romantic dramas

The film is about relationships, sex, infidelity, love and desire. In other words, it contains everything a romantic drama should contain.

The four actors who take the lead roles are so trustworthy that you believe in them all the way through. Perhaps, with the exception of Julia Roberts, that does not seem 100% convincing all the way.

It is outweighed, however, by Clive Owen, Jude Law and Natalie Portman. Their achievements are so credible and heartbreaking that you feel their pain and cry with them.

Both Clive Owen and Natalie Portman received a Golden Globe for their roles, fully deserved.

Watch it on Netflix – it’s filled with passion, atmospheric music, dilemmas and lovely actors you can not help falling for. Particularly Jude Law makes himself thoroughly aware 😉

Have a nice friday evening ♥




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